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🎄 Introducing Holiday Puzzle Stacks

A curated collection of our most popular holiday puzzles for a one-time 90 day puzzle rental

🧩 3 or 4 holiday themed puzzles
❤️ An even longer rental experience
‍✌️ Relax and enjoy for 90 30 days

Why Early Adopters Are Raving About This Holiday Puzzle Stack

Get More Puzzles... All At Once!


Our Most Popular Holiday Puzzles For Even More Holiday Fun

We've been around for almost three years and have collected the most loved holiday themed puzzles.

You can enjoy either a 3 or 4 package (stack) of puzzles at a time. Each stack contains curated puzzles from different brands and skill levels.

This is a great option for a gift or if you want to try a bunch of puzzles at once.


90 30 Days Of Solving Puzzles

Enjoy this one-time rental for 90 days this holiday season. You have 90 days from when you place the order to return the stack.


Hassle Free Returns

Everything you need for hassle free fun. Your puzzle package contains a pre-paid return label.

You puzzle as normal, place the gently used puzzles back in their bags and into the reusable box. Affix the included return label the package when you're done and mail back the puzzles.

Pick Your Stack:

4 Puzzles

$45 $89

What's included:

  • Reusable shipping box (save this!)
  • 4 surprise holiday premium puzzles and legends
  • 2 expert (1000pc), 1 intermediate (500pc), 1 beginner (300pc)
  • Fun stickers for you to keep
  • Pre-paid return label
  • Over $89 worth of puzzles!

Examples of puzzles you will receive:


Sell Out Risk: HIGH

Puzzle Stack FAQ

Q: How long do I get to keep the puzzle stack?
A: You can keep this holiday puzzle stack for 90 days from the initial order date. Plenty of time to puzzle through the holidays. Future stacks will have a 30 day limit.

Q: Can I send this to someone else?
A: Yes, you can set the shipping address to be your favorite puzzler.

Q: If I'm a member, are these added to my puzzle history?
A: Yes! You must use your same email on the account during checkout. This is something NEW we're trying so please allow 30 days for us to update your history.

Q: What happens if I don't return the puzzles in the timeframe?
A: For every puzzle not returned, you are assessed a $9 fee.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Free both ways! The purchase of this stack includes shipping

Q: Can I swap puzzles or use puzzles from my wishlist
A: Not at this time, this is something we're considering!

Q: Is there a fee for damaged puzzles?
A: There is a $7 fee but each instance is handled on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I subscribe to a plan like this?
A: Not yet 😉

Q: I have more questions, where can I find answers?
A: You can reach out to our customer support at