Feb. 21 Puzzle Drop—New Cobble Hill Puzzles!

Hi Puzzle People! We're back today with more new puzzles for you. Today’s new puzzles are from Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. As many of you know, this puzzle brand is known for its high-quality, creatively designed jigsaw puzzles. Their puzzles are made with recycled materials using textured linen print paper that reduces glare! Continue reading to get all the puzzle details you need: piece count, puzzle image, piece quality, and piece shapes! 

Spring's Embrace

Spring's Embrace, 500 piece puzzle

First up is Spring’s Embrace, a 500-piece puzzle with random cut pieces. Spring’s Embrace will be a beautiful, but challenging puzzle to complete. It's a serene forest filled with stunning scenery! There’s a building nestled within the heart of a peaceful forest, surrounded by lush pink trees in full bloom. As you begin to piece the puzzle together, you’ll notice that the pink trees play a prominent role in the scene—sorting pieces will be necessary for this puzzle! 

The intricate details are the best part of this puzzle, and my favorite is the two rabbits in the grassy field. This puzzle will be perfect for our members who love a lower piece count 500-piece puzzle that still has a challenging image! The pieces are random cut shapes and very sturdy, and would probably give you a successful puzzle lift! Remember to add it to your wishlist!

Hot Hot Sauce

Hot Hot Sauce, 1000 piece puzzle

The other newest puzzle from Cobble Hill making its way into the Completing the Puzzle catalog today will be Hot Hot Sauce! This is a 1000-piece collage style puzzle. It’s going to be a spicy challenge that will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test! One of the most difficult aspects of this puzzle is the vast number of hot sauces on the wall—that all appear very similar in shape and color.

Sorting pieces will be the key to solving this puzzle, so pay attention to the wallpaper background behind each shelf since many of the bottles from the same brand look identical. With careful observation and attention to detail, you’ll be able to work your way through the wall of hot sauces. Let’s see if you can handle the heat!

Just to remind you, it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. However, if no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. 

At Completing the Puzzle, we're always adding new puzzles - and brands - that members can add to their wishlist. Plus, you can also specify your desired difficulty level and build a wish list of the puzzles you want to receive. When you’re done with a puzzle, simply ship it back to us and we’ll send off your next one.

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See you next week for another round of new puzzles! Happy puzzling!