Answers to puzzling questions

Your Subscription & Account

When does my order ship?
All orders are shipped same day if the order is received by 10am CST. All orders received after 10am CST are shipped next day, except Sundays.
When do I get my next puzzle?
Place the completed puzzle in the prepaid envelope and mail it back. We'll send out your next surprise puzzle once we verify all the pieces are returned.
How do I reset my password?
You can use the forgot password link on this page here.
How many puzzles can I get a month?
You can get as many puzzles as you can complete in a month. You are only able to have one puzzle at a time. Once you have completed a puzzle, package it in the return mailer and send it back. Once we receive the puzzle, sanitize and verify all pieces are returned, we will send out your new puzzle.
How do I sell you my puzzles?
You can submit up to 7 puzzles at a time for us to review using the form here. We currently accept Ravensburger, Buffalo, MasterPieces, Galison, and Pomegranate, but we will review others on a puzzle by puzzle basis. Once we get your form, we'll send you all of the information you need to ship your puzzles to us. Once we have received the puzzle(s) and confirmed all pieces are there, we will credit your subscription $7 per month per puzzle.

The Puzzle

Can I specify a specific puzzle?
Not yet, part of the fun is getting a surprise! :) 
What is the quality of these puzzles?
Each puzzle is inspected to maintain a professional, fun level of quality and we work to ensure each puzzle has all of their pieces before shipment.
What if I'm missing a puzzle piece?
Coordinate with our support team and we'll get another one sent to you asap. Email support@completingthepuzzle.com
What if I found a missing piece to a puzzle I sent back?
You can send it back to us in a plain envelope addressed to:

Completing the Puzzle
3709 Promontory Point Dr
STE A131
Austin TX, 78744

COVID-19 and Hygiene

How do you sanitize the puzzles?
We quarantine each returned puzzle for 24 hours before the package is opened. Once opened we run each puzzle piece through a UV light to sanitize and remove any bacteria and germs.
How do you handle the puzzles during normal operations?
Each puzzle shipper is required to maintain strict hygienic levels and wear appropriate gloves before handling any puzzles.

Billing and Fees

How can I cancel?
You can log into your account portal here and cancel at your own convenience.
When does my subscription rebill?
Your subscription is re-billed on the anniversary of your purchase. If you purchased a monthly subscription, it will rebill on the same calendar day of the next month.
How much does this cost?
Our plans start at $25 per month. Check out all of our options here.
What happens if I don't return a puzzle?
You can keep a puzzle as long as you have an active subscription. Once you cancel, you have 60 days to return any puzzles or you will be charged $17 per non-returned puzzle.
Can I pause my account?
Yes! You can pause your account at anytime, log into your account here. You must return all puzzles in your possession by your billing date in order for your account to be put on pause. If you still have a puzzle on the date of your scheduled pause, you will be billed and your membership will remain active.
What happens if I lose a piece?
Accidents happen! We take care to provide a great experience for everyone, this includes every puzzle having all their pieces. If a puzzle is returned with a piece missing, we waive fees for the first occurrence. Each additional puzzle returned missing a piece is $5. We will retire and recycle incomplete puzzles.