Introducing Puzzle Rentals for Libraries – Enhance Your Community's Leisure and Learning Experience

Completing The Puzzle brings the joy of puzzles to your library with our tailored rental programs

At Completing The Puzzle, we understand the importance of providing stimulating and engaging activities for your community. That's why we've designed a custom puzzle rental program specifically for libraries. Our curated collection of high-quality puzzles is the perfect addition to your library's offerings, providing patrons with a relaxing and educational experience.

Discover the Benefits:

  1. Expand your library's resources: Our puzzle rental program adds a new dimension to your library's offerings, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills among patrons of all ages.
  2. Curated puzzle selection: We handpick a diverse range of puzzles, ensuring that your library offers something for everyone – from children to seniors and everyone in between.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Renting puzzles promotes reusability and reduces waste, making it an eco-conscious choice for your library.
  4. Cost-effective: With our affordable rental plans, your library can provide a valuable service to patrons without breaking the budget.
  5. Easy to implement: Our streamlined rental process makes it simple for your library staff to manage and maintain the puzzle collection.

Included In Every Plan

Maintenance and cleaning of puzzles

Access to our knowledgeable support team

60 day rental period per pack


Essential Puzzle Collection

$150 per pack

  • 30 puzzles curated for your library
  • Monthly rotation of 15 puzzles
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Enhanced Puzzle Collection

$249 per pack

  • 50 puzzles curated for your library
  • Monthly rotation of 25 puzzles
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Premium Puzzle Collection

$449 per pack

  • 100 puzzles curated for your library
  • Monthly rotation of 50 puzzles
  • Dedicated support contact
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