March 6th Puzzle Drop—FRED & Cobble Hill

Guess what we’re doing today!? We’re adding new puzzles to the catalog! This week, you’re getting TWO very different puzzles from two of the premium brands we carry. We strive to consistently bring our members new puzzles they’ll love, so we hope you enjoy these whimsical, entertaining puzzles we’ll be telling you about! Get ready to go add some puzzles to your wishlist!

This week’s puzzles are from Cobble Hill Puzzle Company and FRED! Both are known for their high-quality, creatively designed jigsaw puzzles, and their thick, durable pieces that fit together well. 

With this new Cobble Hill puzzle, you’ll find puzzle pieces made using textured linen print paper which reduces glare and provides an elegant puzzling experience. For the FRED puzzle, expect unique and fun puzzle art designed by the brand’s in-house creative studio with a diverse range of international talents, to bring fresh perspectives and designs to their puzzles! Let’s dive in! 

Country Truck in Autumn, 500 pieces

Country Truck in Autumn is the new Cobble Hill puzzle this week. It is a 500-piece landscape oriented puzzle featuring animals and nature! If you look closely, I bet you could find every color of the rainbow—perfect for those of you puzzlers who love a challenge. I love the mix of blue skies and green to orange gradients in the trees. This puzzle could be worked with a puzzle partner, easily dividing up the pieces between two people, or solo if that’s more your puzzling style. 

Either way you decide to complete this puzzle, you’ll have a wholesome puzzling experience with the kitties and puppies filling up the bed of this truck with flowers, yarn, and other Autumn goodies! Oh, by the way, this puzzle has random-cut pieces! If this sounds like a puzzle for you, all you need to do is go add it to your wishlist! 

Rainbow One, 500 pieces

Now, do you see what we meant about the unique and fun puzzle art you can find with FRED puzzles? Where else would you be able to find an astronaut exploring space with the most vibrant range of colors cascading behind them, and a shooting star all in one puzzle!? Rainbow One features artwork by Scott Listfield. Listfield creates iconic paintings with one common feature: the lone astronaut. Listfield has brought this astronaut everywhere, and we’re glad it made its way onto a puzzle for us to complete! 

Another great thing about Completing the Puzzle is all the new artists you’ll learn about! We love to showcase different kinds of work and expose our members to artists you may never have learned about without completing a puzzle of art. 

This is another 500-piece puzzle, but this one has ribbon cut pieces! Ribbon cut pieces are more organized and structured than random-cut pieces (like a grid) if that’s something you look for in a puzzle. 

Another thing to consider in adding these puzzles to your wishlist are their completed sizes. At 16.5 x 22.5 in, Rainbow One is slightly smaller than Country Truck in Autumn, from Cobble Hill Puzzles. We know limited puzzle space is an important factor for some of our members, so take this into consideration when adding puzzles to your wishlist! We want you to receive puzzles you’ll absolutely love!

As always, make sure you’re adding the new puzzles we’ve recently made available to your wishlist! It’s the easiest way to ensure we're able to send you the types of puzzles you’ll love completing!

Just to remind you, it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. However, if no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. 

At Completing the Puzzle, we're always adding new puzzles - and brands - that members can add to their wishlist. Plus, you can also specify your desired difficulty level and build a wish list of the puzzles you want to receive. When you’re done with a puzzle, simply ship it back to us and we’ll send off your next one.

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See you next week for another round of new puzzles! Happy puzzling!