New Brand Alert—Unified Pieces! Puzzle Drop—May 25th

We have exciting news to share with you today! Completing the Puzzle will now feature puzzle brand Unified Pieces in our catalog of rentable jigsaws! 

Unified Pieces is a black-owned puzzle company focused on creating high-quality, fresh, screen-free meditative experiences. Unified Pieces Puzzles feature beautiful artwork from diverse artists across the globe, including well-known street artists like Illuminaries, and up-and-coming talents such as Naphtali Rodriguez and Timothy B. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans so they not only look amazing once completed but feel amazing when you touch them.

The founder of Unified Pieces, Gamaliel “MEEZY” James, has always been into puzzles. His company was founded on the idea of providing more diverse and interesting images for puzzle enthusiasts to challenge and engage their minds. Gamaliel noticed a lack of representation for black people in the puzzle industry, and he wanted to change that.

At Unified Pieces Puzzles, they believe that the image is the most important factor in choosing a puzzle, and they strive to provide images that are both beautiful and complex to captivate your mind and let your fingers do the work.

Gamaliel "Meezy" James, Founder of Unified Pieces

Their puzzle collection also includes limited edition designs that sell out quickly, making anyone who manages to snag one, the talk of their town. Whether you rent from us or buy for yourself from Unified Pieces, you’re sure to end up with top-notch, high-quality puzzles and unique, diverse artwork. 

In our catalog, you will find three new puzzles from Unified Pieces: Black Girl Magic Vol. 2 (1000 pieces), The Catstornaut (500 pieces), and Color Bliss (1000 pieces).

Black Girl Magic Vol. 2

Black Girl Magic Vol. 2, 1000 pieces

Black Girl Magic Vol. 2 is part of Unified Pieces’ Black Girl Magic Collection and is a must-have for anyone who loves puzzles and wants to celebrate the beauty and diversity of black women.

The Black Girl Magic Collection is a stunning series of 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring beautiful black women from all shades and backgrounds. Black Girl Magic Vol. 2 was created by designer/puzzler/Unified Pieces owner, Gamaliel (@gadget_meezy) in collaboration with dynamic photographer, Jessica Felicio. 

This puzzle art features a silhouette portrait of a woman with varying shapes of different sizes and colors covering the background. We would recommend sorting through pieces to make the puzzling experience easier. Although, we might argue against sorting pieces to save time just so you can spend more time with the velvet touch pieces. Seriously, the pieces feel amazing and there’s no annoying glare! Unified Pieces elevates the puzzling experience for every image they design.

Color Bliss

Color Bliss, 1000 pieces

Experience absolute bliss with Color Bliss from Unified Pieces! Expertly designed and produced by Gamaliel, this stunning selection of patterns features beautiful gradients that are simply mesmerizing. At 1000 pieces, Color Bliss is a rich gradient of gentle pinks to bold blues and bright greens, giving you an eye-catching canvas for any space. 

Within this stunning gradient are geometric shapes, lines, and patterns, giving structure to the abstract designs and colors. This puzzle is for those who love a challenge. You’ll never get bored with the bright colors, interesting shapes, and unique color combinations in this beautiful puzzle artwork. 

The Catstornaut

The Catstornaut, 500 pieces

The Catstornaut is the final new puzzle from Unified Pieces joining the catalog today! The artist behind this puzzle is Naphtali Rodriguez, an Afro-Caribbean artist. He likes to call his style Spraycanalism, mixing traditional painting techniques with blending methods common in graffiti and street art. His personalized style is amazingly portrayed in The Catstornaut, with eye-catching blends of purple gradient Outerspace in the background and a cute cat dressed in a rainbow space suit in the center of the image.

At 500 pieces, The Catstornaut is only 20 x 14 inches, perfect for puzzlers with smaller puzzling spaces who still love to complete intricate works of art. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of each puzzle coming soon. Add Catstornaut, Black Girl Magic Vol. 2, and Color Bliss to your wishlist now, and start your puzzling journey with Unified Pieces! 

Completing the Puzzle is committed to providing you with diverse types of imagery for every type of puzzler. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Unified Pieces to our catalog and expand their reach to even more puzzlers nationwide!

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