New Brand, New Puzzles! Introducing Tania Wicks Puzzles—April 28th

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new brand to our inventory: Tania Wicks Puzzles! With their unique artistic flair and commitment to high-quality puzzles, Tania Wicks is the perfect addition to our premium selection of puzzles. 

Tania Wicks Puzzles

The founder, Tania Wicks, is a photographer and puzzle enthusiast, based in Australia. She is dedicated to using the brand to bring joy and creativity to the world of puzzling. Tania’s love for capturing the beauty in everyday objects and nature shines through in every puzzle, with her unique style and attention to detail making each one a true masterpiece.

Each puzzle is made with thick recyclable greyboard paper, non-toxic inks, a satin matte finish, and random-cut, tight interlocking pieces. You can expect to lose yourself in the sharp images as you piece together Tania’s original photographs. 

From Tania Wicks, we’ve chosen two 1000-piece puzzles for our members to rent: Envelopes and Spring Serenity! Let’s get started! 


Envelopes, 1000 pieces

Envelopes is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring an image of—you guessed it—envelopes! However, Tania Wicks elevates the ordinary stationery in this photograph, layering each envelope on top of one another into a creative muted gradient color scale. At 20 x 28 inches, this puzzle is one of our larger expert-level options. In this large space, though, you’ll have the freedom to explore the colors and shapes of each envelope at your own pace. 

The envelopes in Tania’s photograph are separated by a diagonal line, creating an abstract-like image for you to puzzle. They’re so beautifully layered that the image becomes more than a puzzle, almost as if you can feel the envelope’s paper as it is spread out on a table in front of you. This is why Tania’s puzzles are so special and why we wanted to provide our members with the opportunity to try this Australian-based puzzle brand. She creates photographs to stimulate your senses to enhance your puzzling experience. With amazing, superior-quality pieces, you can appreciate the art while enjoying completing the puzzle. 

Spring Serenity

Spring Serenity, 1000 pieces

Our other new puzzle from Tania Wicks is Spring Serenity. This is another 1000-piece puzzle, also 20 x 28 inches once completed. Spring Serenity will be the perfect puzzle choice for our U.S.-based members since the season just began. There are shades of orange, pink, cream, white, and purple with a wide variety of textures and patterns created by these beautiful flowers. 

Tania points out how her thick, sturdy puzzle pieces with their satin matte finish elevate this puzzling experience to make for an enjoyable nighttime puzzling session. Every puzzler is different with when or how they choose to relax with a puzzle, so we love that Tania Wicks’ puzzles are inclusively designed with the puzzling experience in mind. Puzzles created by puzzlers are always of superior quality and the care and attention put into the creative process are clear. 

We cannot wait to see what our members think about these two beautiful new additions to our puzzle collection. Get started puzzling one of our Tania Wicks puzzles today by adding them to your wishlist. We hope you enjoy this new brand and love it just as much as we do! Happy puzzling!

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