New Puzzle Alert - January 5th!

As promised, we're continuing to add more great puzzles to the catalog so you can add more puzzles to your wishlist! (If you have no idea what the wishlist is, stop reading now and login to your account immediately to get to hearting puzzles. I promise you won't be sorry.)

Today we have some great new puzzles from some brands that may not be as familiar to you, including a couple that are brand new to us. That's the great thing about renting puzzles - you can try new brands to see which ones you really like!

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Click the links below to see more about the puzzles and to login to your account to add them to your wishlist. And pro-tip: all of our new puzzles will always be at the top of the catalog!

Art & Fable

We got such great feedback from you about Art & Fable that we've already added more of their beautiful velvet touch puzzles. All three are 750 piece puzzles, which we were so excited to find! 750 pieces seems to be the perfect number when you want a little more than the couple of hours a 500 piece puzzle may take, but you don't have the patience for a full 1000 piece puzzle.

That's the Point is a bright and busy city streetscape with plenty of details to help you solve it.

That's The Point puzzle

A Good Morning could be a little more challenging. Although it has some bright colors, there are also similar tans and greens throughout that could make it a little bit harder.

And Lake Como Breeze will definitely be the most challenging of the three, with its muted painting style diluting most details. However, the beauty of the puzzle makes up for the challenge and we love that it transports us to Italy.


Not only are the Fred puzzles new, this is a new brand for Completing the Puzzle. When deciding to carry a new brand, we look at the puzzle fit, durability, and images, and we think you're going to love these new Fred puzzles!

We have added 1 Expert level and 2 Intermediate Fred puzzles to our catalog, with a variety of themes to choose from.

Cape Town is the Expert level puzzle, with beautiful birds hiding among the bright colored flowers. Although this is a 1000 piece puzzle, and there is a lot of green, we think it is a good one if you want an easier Expert level, as there is good differentiation and detail in the flowers and birds.

Black Cat is another bright, fun animal themed puzzle, although this one is a 500 piece Intermediate puzzle. And last but not least, Sugar Spectrum is our favorite of the new Fred puzzles. It is bright and colorful, perfect for these dark winter days, and the detail on the candy makes this one a breeze to put together!


We've got a new Expert level puzzle from puzz - Hit the Trail! This one will definitely challenge you with all of its similar colors and lines in the image, so only choose this one if you're up for the challenge.

And we've got one more Intermediate puzzle this week. It's a round puzzle of the earth from Puzzlebilities, and is sure to be on the more challenging side of our Intermediate level puzzles.

These brands may be new to you, but that's part of the fun of a puzzle rental subscription! And that is also why I will continue my Brands Breakdown series next week to share 3 more of the brands we carry and what makes them unique to help you choose the best puzzles for your wishlist.

We continue to add new puzzles weekly, so be sure you're checking out the catalog for new updates!

P.S. What puzzles from this latest drop are you adding to your Wishlist?!