Texas Speed Puzzling Competition 2023 Recap!

Have you ever timed how long it takes you to complete a jigsaw puzzle? If this sounds like a fun idea, you might want to try out speed puzzling competitions! Last weekend, the Texas State Championship Speed Puzzling Competition took place in our hometown of Austin, Texas, and we were there to watch the competitors in action.

Puzzlers had the opportunity to take on a 500-piece puzzle by themselves, grab a partner and complete a 550-piece puzzle, or create a team of four for a 1000-piece puzzle. On the line were fantastic prizes including paid registration to the USA Jigsaw Nationals contest in 2024 and Completing the Puzzle subscriptions. 

The rules of a speed puzzling competition are simple. Puzzlers race to complete the same puzzle faster than the other participants. You are not allowed to use tools like spatulas or flashlights, but some competitions will let you use sorting trays. The puzzle image is usually kept a secret or hidden until just before the race starts, which means you might need to rip open a paper bag when you hear “GO”! 

Speed Puzzling Results

Do you want to see how your time would compare to the fastest finishers in each division? Keep reading for the results of each contest. If you would like to get involved in future speed puzzling competitions, please head to speedpuzzling.com for a list of upcoming contests.

Solo Results: Easter Eggs - Cobble Hill 500 Pieces

1:05:54 Heather C

1:09:52 Melynda O

1:12:20 Terri G

Pair Results: Smokey Bear National Parks - MasterPieces 550 Pieces

0:40:37 Jigsaw FC (Joellen L & Annie L)

0:43:41 Houston, We Have a Puzzle (Alexx C & Amy P)

0:47:31 Same Brain (Heather C & Emily L)

Team Results: Postcards from the Farm - Cobble Hill 1000 Pieces

1:09:50 Houston, We Have a Puzzle (Alexx C, Amy P, Kelsea H, Carrie B)

1:15:46 Jigsaw Jedis (Heather C, Karsten A, Paige B, Emily L)

1:34:04 The Missing Pieces (Melynda O, Shayla J, Hope T, Luann T)