Wishlist Updates!!

Since launching the Wishlist in October, we've had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback! We have also gotten some great suggestions from you on how we could make the wishlist even better!

We have already added some of these great suggestions to the wishlist, and today I wanted to share a few of them with you to make sure you are getting the BEST puzzling experience.


One request we have regularly gotten since we started Completing the Puzzle is the ability to only receive puzzles with large pieces. This is helpful for people puzzling with small children, those whose eyes may not be what they used to (glasses are my best friend!), or who may have decreased dexterity.

Now you are able to filter our catalog by puzzles with large pieces, and only add those to your wishlist. Additionally, if you would prefer to receive the standard piece size, you can filter and add just those, too.

Large Piece Catalog Filter


We know that many of you have limited space to puzzle or have puzzle boards that only fit certain sized puzzles. Because of this, you want to be sure that the puzzle you receive is one that will fit your puzzling area.

We have added the puzzle dimensions to every puzzle so that you can confirm it will fit your space before you add it to your wishlist! The first number will always be the height of the puzzle when looking at the image, and the second will be the width.

The Garden Puzzle Information in Catalog


Lastly, just a reminder that in addition to filtering by piece size, our catalog can be filtered by piece count, themes, and puzzle brands. Wishlist puzzles will override any set level or theme preferences to give you ultimate control and flexibility in the puzzles you receive.

If you only like to do puzzles with a certain piece count, we highly recommend that you filter by the piece count before you get to hearting. This will ensure that all of the puzzles on your wishlist are the right level for you.

If you have more feedback on how we can make the wishlist EVEN BETTER, let us know! We love to hear from you!