Grow Your Puzzle Brand With Us

Brands we stock get more exposure and increased sales by joining our collection

Renting = More Sales For You

When our members rent from us, they buy from you. We expose our members to your puzzles and brand, they buy more from you.

We also sell puzzles daily which means we're buying more from your warehouse to resupply.

Increased Awareness

When we select your puzzles to be featured in our marketing, you win. This MintyFizz puzzle gathered 1.4M impressions, 1k shares and thousands of wonderful comments. Our ad dollars are spent helping to promote your puzzles.

We partner with select brands to be featured, apply below.

Puzzle Partnerships

We love partnering with you to promote your newest puzzles, featured accessories or favorite artist. We've done email promos, IG lives, custom inserts and more.

We'd love get creative together, contact us below and let's do something amazing together!


Q: If I rent with you, do I lose sales?
A: No, quite the opposite. This was an initial thought when starting the business. We've polled our members and 98% rent puzzles as alternative to local swaps or other activities. 95% indicated they've increased puzzle purchases due to renting from us. We've seen countless posts on social media of our members purchasing puzzles directly due to renting a puzzle from us.

Q: Do you have exclusive puzzle releases?

A: Yes. We ask that you provide a discount code that we'll provide our members that can't receive the puzzle to rent. We are unable to fulfill the demand for a specific puzzle, this typically results in a surge of sales for your puzzle.

Q: Do you buy any puzzle?
A: No, for newer brands we need to test a sample first. We only accept premium brands, no dollar store puzzles here. Our members deserve the best.

Q: Do you sell puzzles too?
A: Yes, our members request to buy puzzles daily. That means more re-orders from your warehouse.

Q: How else do you promote our brand?
A: We have a member's perks section with discounts on puzzles, accessories and other items like wine!

Q: How long does the process take?
A: Once your application is completed, please give us 2-5 business days (10-15 during holidays) to respond. A sample puzzle is required as well. Overall it's roughly one month from contact to wholesale purchase.

Q: Do I have to send a sample?
A: Yes, we need to feel and test your puzzle brand quality.