New Puzzle Alert - April 27th

This week, we have added even more puzzles to our catalog from Cobble Hill and New York Puzzle Company. We aren't going to talk about all of them here, so make sure you are logging into your account so you can see all of the new puzzles added each week in the catalog. And, check out some of our favorites highlighted below!

Cobble Hill

You may have already completed the 1000 piece Purple puzzle. Today we are adding Orange and Red from the same collection. Hopefully, we can collect the whole rainbow so that you can complete it soon! Although these puzzles are all one color, there are so many details that still make these puzzles so much fun.

Orange puzzle image of various orange items on the left and Red puzzle image with various red items on the right
Orange and Red 1000 piece puzzles

For our intermediate puzzlers, we have added Six Pack. This puzzle has six adorable cats that have just been delivered in the mail. Take a close look and see if you can find all six cats!

5 cats in a cardboard box with a sixth one peeking through a broken corner
500 piece puzzle, Six Pack

We have also added some great beginner level puzzles this week. Covered Bridge is a 275 piece landscape puzzle with large pieces. The beautiful scenery and old-time horse and buggy look like they were painted directly onto this puzzle. Summer Bouquet is another vibrant 275 piece puzzle. Enjoy the beautiful birds and flowers of summer!

Covered wood bridge with a horse and buggy exiting over a river with a man fishing
Covered Bridge beginner level puzzle

New York Puzzle Company

In Model Train you can see the point of view from a classic model train. In the background you can see shoppers trying to get a good look at the new toy. This 500 piece puzzle will be a blast for anyone to complete with its bright colors!

Red model train with children peering over
500 piece puzzle, Model Train

750 piece puzzles are my favorite, they are a little more challenging than a 500 piece puzzle but not as time consuming as a 1000 piece puzzle. Shelved is the newest 750 piece puzzle. Take a look at all of the books' different reactions to the person using electronics. 

Shelves of different color books with expressions watching a man on a computer
Shelved, 750 piece puzzle

We are all familiar with the The New Yorker style cover but did you know New York Puzzle Company partners with National Geographic for a different style of puzzles? Grand Prismatic Spring is a beautiful 1000 piece landscape puzzle. It shows an aerial view of the Grand Prismatic Spring located in Yellowstone National Park. This is just one of multiple National Geographic puzzles added this week, and is sure to be a challenge!

Bright blue water of the spring in the center fading to green on the outside, with a brown ring of the land fading into brown .
Grand Prismatic Spring

Don't forget to check out the catalog to see all of the new puzzles that we have added and add your favorites to your wishlist! As a reminder, you may not always get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. If no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. The more puzzles on your wishlist, the more likely you will be to receive one!

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