New Puzzle Brand Alert - July 7th

Does anyone else feel like 2022 is flying by?! We're already halfway through the year, and we've continued to add new puzzles every month this year so that we can continue to provide the largest selection of rentable puzzles. Did you know that we now have over 1000 unique puzzles for you to choose from?

We also continue to look for unique, premium puzzle brands we can add to our collection. Many of our members tell us that one of the things they like best about their Completing the Puzzle membership is being able to try new brands they may not otherwise. In fact, many have found their new "favorite puzzle brand" after receiving a puzzle as part of their subscription. We love that we are able to introduce small, independent puzzle brands to so many avid puzzlers.

This week we are excited to announce that we are now carrying Lucky Puzzles! Lucky Puzzles is an independent puzzle company founded by 4 families across 4 different time zones in the US. Their philosophy is rooted in a commitment to partnering with a diverse set of global artists to create beautiful and unique puzzles. All of their puzzles are manufactured in the US. If you like random cut puzzles, you will love these puzzles, with their unique piece shapes that create an extra challenge.

We have added 4 different Expert level Lucky Puzzles this week that are available now for you to add to the wishlist. The first one is California Roll, an Animal themed puzzle by artist Charles Lynn Bragg. The blues and greens in the water add an extra challenge to this puzzle!

Odds and Ends is a colorful collage puzzle full of, you guessed it, odds and ends. This puzzle is by artist Lewis T Johnson. The various items and colors makes this one an easier expert level puzzle, in our opinion. Out of all the items in the boxes, the garden gnome is our favorite. What's your favorite?

We are dreaming of a trip to Barcelona, especially after seeing the bright and whimsical Magical Barcelona Night by Ana Maria Edulescu. This destination puzzle has the late summer sun setting over the ocean. This makes me think of late dinners of tapas and music. Sounds like fun!

Seaside Cottage and Quilts by Holly Wojahn has me thinking of a much more relaxed summer vacation than a trip to Barcelona. This destination puzzle looks like it is set in a quaint village, where you could relax next to the shore, maybe go for a sail, and then line dry your laundry because the old homes do not have dryers. I can smell the fresh air and salt water just looking at this puzzle!

Which puzzle are you going to add to your wishlist first? Comment below to let us know what you think about these puzzles and this new brand.

As a reminder, you may not always get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. If no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. The more puzzles on your wishlist, the more likely you will be to receive one!

If you aren't a Completing the Puzzle member yet and want to get access to these and the rest of our catalog, join now! Use code SPECIAL20 for 20% off your first month when you sign up now!