New Puzzle Alert - May 25th

Here at Completing the Puzzle, we will be taking a much needed break this Memorial Day weekend to relax and remember the women and men who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. We hope you and your families will be able to do the same, perhaps with some puzzling included.

Memorial Day weekend typically marks the start of summer, and we've added some puzzles this week to get you in that summer spirit. We have 3 new puzzles from Eurographics Puzzles that we like to think of as "Summer Vacation" ideas. And, a couple of puzzles from New York Puzzle Company that remind us of great things to do inside when it's just too hot in the dog days of summer to spend another minute in the sun.

We have also added over 20 other puzzles to the catalog since our last drop 2 weeks ago! If you haven't logged into your account lately be sure you do so to check out all of the new puzzles. Reminder - the newest puzzles will always be at the top of the catalog!

Eurographics Puzzles

Old Country General Store is a new 300 piece puzzle. The peaceful scenery shows a general store at sunset that we could imagine seeing on a road trip. There are cute ducks splashing around in a puzzle. The fruit and vegetables on the stands look like they have just been harvested and are ready to eat!

1000 piece Mediterranean Windows and VW Gone Places are both cool collage puzzles. In Mediterranean Windows, each window is unique in shape, size, and color. I love all of the plants and flowers in the windows! I can imagine strolling through the streets of Mediterranean villages on a European vacation as I type this.

VW Gone Places has many different Bugs including a stretch limo Bug! I have never seen anything like that but my favorite has to be the cow print one. How fun would a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway be in one of these convertible VW Bugs?!

New York Puzzle Company

Another good 1000 piece collage puzzle is Harry Potter Book Covers. It is a collection of 22 illustrations of Harry Potter including the 7 book covers. The other illustrations are significant events that happen throughout the series. Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite book! In fact, this summer would be the perfect time to re-read the entire series! Which one was your favorite?

Use your imagination with these kids in Starbright. They are floating around Grand Central Station amongst the constellations. You can see the constellations come alive as Pegasus, Pieces, Cancer, and Gemini. Grand Central Station is also the perfect place to explore and cool off if you're visiting New York City this summer.This 500 piece puzzle is sure to be a blast!

Bonus Puzzle

This week we have added an extra bonus puzzle! Check out Houseplant Jungle in the catalog and see it featured on our Facebook and Instagram posts. It is a challenging 1000 piece Galison puzzle that we hope you enjoy putting together as much as we did!

Don't forget to check out the catalog to see all of the new puzzles that we have added and add your favorites to your wishlist! As a reminder, you may not always get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. If no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. The more puzzles on your wishlist, the more likely you will be to receive one!

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