New Puzzle Brand Alert - August 1st

The wait is over—we’re back with new puzzles for you to add to your wishlist from Dowdle, Eurographics, and eeBoo Piece and Love! We chose five fun puzzles to add to the catalog this week, including two beginner, one intermediate, and two expert-level puzzles. There’s a little bit of something for all of our members! 

These new puzzles have a nature, outdoorsy theme and may leave you wanting to take one more summer vacation to visit the beautiful scenery the US has to offer! We hope you enjoy these new puzzles and don’t forget to add the ones you love to your wishlist to make sure you get a chance to complete one soon! 


Get ready for a road trip across the USA with this new puzzle we’ve just added from one of our favorite brands, Dowdle! National Parks is a Beginner level 300-piece puzzle with those signature small Dowdle details. This puzzle truly showcases the beauty and diversity of nature in America. There are lakes, canyons, monuments, mountains, and other historical landmarks everywhere! While puzzling National Parks, you can expect to take a “tour” of the US and travel from the California Redwood National Park to The Great Lakes Region and even the Grand Canyon!

If you want to complete this puzzle, all you have to do is add it to your wishlist, and you’ll be able to go on your road trip soon.

Another stop on your summer puzzling road trip should be The Black Hills by Dowdle! Compared to the National Parks puzzle by Dowdle, The Black Hills has 500 pieces and is a bit more challenging. It’s not as detailed as National Parks, but just as fun! This puzzle lets you experience a trip to The Black Hills of South Dakota. You arrive on a train where you can expect to be greeted by Mount Rushmore and the surrounding scenery. There are hiking trails where you can see mountain goats, bison, and elk in their natural habitat! You can even use it as an opportunity to learn more about Native American culture and history since The Black Hills is part of the Great Sioux Reservation. 

Dowdle knows how to make excellent destination puzzles, and we’re so excited to add this to the Completing the Puzzle catalog for our members! 

Eurographics Puzzles

Staying on theme with our other newly-added American destination puzzles, we have a 300-piece puzzle for you—Harvest Days in Cove Point by Eurographics Puzzles! Eurographics is another of our favorite brands because they create puzzles with XL pieces for families to complete together. We love helping you spend more quality time with your family through puzzles! 

This puzzle has some classic Folk art that gives you a sense of the peaceful life in a small farming town like Cove Point. There are horse-drawn carts, an apple cider mill, and some sailboats on the coast behind the landscape. I love getting to “travel” to new places through our puzzles, and it’s always fun to get a sense of what life is like in other parts of the country!

eeBoo Piece & Love

Sometimes a stay-cation is even better than going on a trip anywhere, especially if you have a garden at home like the one shown here in Urban Gardening by eeBoo Piece & Love. It is a 1000-piece puzzle for our Expert puzzlers, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

There’s a rainbow of flowers amidst this green rooftop vegetable garden. It looks like a relaxing escape from a busy life in the city! The cats watching as the women grow their plants in this urban garden is my favorite part about this puzzle—they’re so cute!

The last new puzzle we have for you today is another 1000-piece Expert level puzzle from eeBoo! Tree of Life features beautiful illustrations with a large tree in the center surrounded by different flowers, plants, insects, and animals in so many bright, vibrant colors! Collage puzzles with lots of cute details, like this one, are my favorite kind to puzzle! Tree of Life showcases the beauty of nature in everything on earth, from the ocean life to the birds in the clouds. We would recommend this puzzle to any puzzler who loves a fun challenge! 

Get Excited! We’re always adding more puzzles to the catalog, so stay tuned for our next blog post with even more new puzzles! 

As a reminder, you may not always get a puzzle from your wishlist, as we have many more members than copies of a specific puzzle. When it is time to pack your puzzle, one from your wishlist will be chosen first if it is available. If no puzzle from your wishlist is available, a puzzle will be chosen using your default level and theme preferences. The more puzzles on your wishlist, the more likely you will be to receive one!

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